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Primary Care

With mission to provide exceptional healthcare, the Primary Care Centre at The Memorial Hospital offers.


The Orthopedic section at The Memorial Hospital offers the finest treatments from the leading doctors.

Walk In Care

We have the properly functioning 24x7 walk-in care to provide immediate treatments during emergencies.

Committed To Hospital Excellence

We Create Your Life Beautiful And Brighter
The Doctors and the staff at The Memorial Hospital are dedicated to providing the best quality medical care at affordable costs without compromising on the quality.

Complete Care On Your Time

Bringing Good Health To Your Life

Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Department of Cardiology is known for their unparalleled track record of having the most number of successful cardiac surgeries.

Advance treatment

We make sure to evolve ourselves and improve our knowledge in the latest advancements in the medical field.

ICU/Critical Care Unit

We have the state of the art machinery and tech in our Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit to provide the best treatments.

Hospital Services

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Complete Care On Your Time

Bringing Good Health To Your Life
Dentist clinic equipmentsDentist tools

Requirements For Healthy Lifestyle

We Have All Your Good Health Needs Covered
Diabetes Center
Emergency Department
Clinical Laboratory Services
Dental X-Rays
ICU/Critical Care Unit
Periodontal Disease
Rehabilitation Services
Surgical Services
Braces & Implants

Reviews From Our Happy Patients

Creating Vibrant Need For Healthy Life!
You can blindly trust The Memorial Hospital when it comes to your health. The offer the best treatments at very affordable cost. Very much less than most of the other hospitals.
Lenna J. McRee
Went to The Memorial Hospital for a major orthopedic problem. I was not sure whether would be able to walk again. The very reason why I am standing now is the doctors at The Memorial Hospital. They were very friendly and helpful.
Gloria A. Skipworth
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