Nerve Renew Review: Discover the Pros and Cons of Neuropathy Treatment Group's Supplement

One medical problem that a lot of people don’t know much, if anything, about is neuropathy. Common vitamin deficiencies can easily cause a number of problems in the body, and one of the most damaging ones is due to an adverse effect on the nerves.

Deficiencies in Vitamin B2, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D have all been linked to problems with nerve damaged. A nutritional deficiency can definitely have a negative effect on a person’s overall health, with one of the most painful and damaging problems being neuropathy.

Neuropathy can cause muscle weakness, loss of dexterity, problems walking, loss of muscle control, and even spasms and cramps. This is incredibly scary, but there is something that people can do to combat this nutritional deficiency and help to keep neuropathy at bay. Thanks to the long list of quality ingredients and the way they can help support nerve health, Nerve Renew is a great potential solution that is worth considering.

What Is Nerve Renew?

This product is a supplement that is designed to treat the pain that is caused by neuropathy. It’s being promoted by the company to not only dull or reduce the pain that neuropathy causes, but also to help heal damaged nerves.

Nerve Renew is designed to reduce tingling, burning, and pain – all symptoms of neuropathy, and all symptoms that can get in the way of sufferers leading a full and happy life. Designed to decrease pain while promoting healing. Nerve Renew is one of the only neuropathy treatment supplements on the market that focuses strictly on healing nerves and promoting better health.

Packed with high-quality ingredients that have been shown to improve nerve health after damage, Nerve Renew relies on the power of these ingredients to allow your body to heal. It promotes healing and supports nerves during healing so that they have the best chance of full recovery to a life without pain.

About the Company

Nerve Renew is made by The Neuropathy Treatment Group. They are based out of Boise, Idaho, where their team is located and also where they manufacture this product. Founded in August of 2013 by Wes Jones, they have worked tirelessly to create products that will improve people’s lives. Thanks to their commitment to customer service, as well as to making high-quality products that enable people to live their lives to the fullest, they have a great reputation.

One thing that really sets this company apart from others is that their main focus is improving the lives of people who suffer from neuropathy. They know that the pain that this problem causes can be overwhelming, and they have dedicated their team, as well as years of research, to creating a product that will lessen this pain.

Since they believe in transparency and the value of their Nerve Renew, they encourage all of their customers to educate themselves on what ingredients are included in the product. This shows The Neuropathy Treatment Group’s dedication to helping their customers feel better and proves how much value they believe their product offers.

How Does it Work?

The great thing about Nerve Renew is that it is packed with active ingredients that have been shown, through careful study and research, to have a great impact on the health and condition of damaged nerves. Clinical studies have shown that Nerve Renew can help to reduce pain that neuropathy sufferers experience.

An issue that many nerve products run into is that the body can only absorb some types of B vitamins, which means that the body may not be able to use all of the available vitamins in a certain product. To combat this, many companies add high doses of thiamine to the product. Unfortunately, this B vitamin is not easily absorbed by the body.

Nerve Renew gets around this issue by including benfotiamine, which is a type of B1 that the body can more easily absorb. Since benfotiamine is shaped like an open ring, cells in the body can readily accept it. This combats the problem of absorption.

When the body has more B vitamins in it, then it will naturally experience improved nerve growth and renewal. The supplement helps to improve the function of nerves and undo the damage that has caused them to stop working. Since Nerve Renew contains many ingredients that will promote healing and nerve health, neuropathy sufferers won’t have to worry about taking multiple pills and products each day.


One of the great things about buying from The Neuropathy Treatment Group is that this company is very open about what ingredients they include in their products, which gives customers peace of mind.

Benfotiamine – since the body can easily absorb this B vitamin, neuropathy sufferers will start to enjoy almost immediate relief when taking it. The bioavailability of benfotiamine, which is how easily the body can absorb and use the vitamin, is 3.6x higher than the normal B vitamin used, thiamine.

Methyl B12 – Vitamin B12 is commonly included in nerve pain products, as it is known to reduce pain as well as other symptoms that sufferers have. Unfortunately, most B12 vitamins used in supplements contain cyanocobalamin, which can be difficult for the body to convert and use.

Nerve Renew uses methyl B12 instead, as it is much easier for the body to absorb. This has been shown to help nerves regenerate. It also increases protein synthesis in the body, helping to grow nerves that are free from pain and incredibly healthy.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid – this is an antioxidant that is water and fat soluble. The Neuropathy Treatment Group wisely chose this form of Alpha Lipoic Acid because the body can easily absorb and use it.

Because it can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, R-ALA improves oxygen and blood flow to the nerves. This helps to reduce burning and other painful symptoms that neuropathy sufferers deal with on a daily basis. As an antioxidant, R-ALA combats free radicals, which are known to cause additional damage to cells, including nerves.

Main Benefits

  • Helps promote healing of damaged nerves.
  • Reduces the daily pain that neuropathy patients suffer from.
  • Helps increase blood flow to the brain and the nerves.
  • Allows the body to easily absorb the vitamins included in the product.
  • Helps users enjoy better sensation from their nerves.
  • Gives users more muscle control, allowing improved fine and gross motor skills.
  • Improves balance and spatial awareness.
  • Dulls the burning pain that is caused by neuropathy.

Side Effects

It is very common to experience side effects with any type of medicine or supplement, which is why people are often wary of taking a new product like Nerve Renew. The great thing about this product is that The Neuropathy Treatment Group was very careful when testing and creating it, making sure to only use the highest quality ingredients available to them.

Thanks to several tests of Nerve Renew and multiple studies following patients who started using this supplement, new users can rest easy knowing that they won’t experience side effects when taking it. No negative side effects have been reported by any of the people using this product to treat their neuropathy, giving new users peace of mind.

User reviews of Nerve Renew are consistently positive, with people reporting great results with no bad side effects. Some users who are sensitive to B vitamins may experience a little upset stomach when they first start taking it, but this problem will not be severe and won’t last very long.

Customer Complaints

One complaint that some customers have had involves the company, and not the product. Even though the employees at The Neuropathy Treatment Group are dedicated to customer service, there are some customers who have expressed frustration with not having their questions answered. Some customers have had unanswered emails or difficulty cancelling shipments.

While the subscribe and save option through some retailers, such as Amazon, is a great way to have the product sent on a regular basis and to save money, it can be difficult and frustrating to stop these shipments. This is usually a problem with Amazon, as through the company’s website they do not offer automatic shipments on all orders, unless specified, ensuring that this is not a problem.

Another issue is when customers are sensitive to B vitamins and take this product, as it can cause an upset stomach. Generally speaking, however, the upset feeling will go away rather quickly.

Reviews: What Customers Say About it

There are many positive reviews online that show just how much people love taking Nerve Renew. Generally speaking, they all praise the supplement for the way that it has helped to decrease their pain due to neuropathy and allowed them to enjoy living a fuller life without pain. Additionally, users mention that they feel more active and are able to better enjoy their life.

KOZ, online, has been taking Nerve Renew for around six years. They said, “Nothing else has reduced my foot pain. I highly recommend this if your feet tingle and burn.”

Jim Luntz, who has suffered from neuropathy for years, worked with skilled doctors for regular treatment to manage his pain. After not knowing how he was going to control his pain any longer, he finally decided to try Nerve Renew. His results speak for themselves, as he said, ”Within one week, I felt a change in my pain; sent for a full dosage and have achieved remarkable results with about 90 percent of the symptoms gone!”

Sheila Taylor is a huge fan of Nerve Renew and recommends it to any of her friends who suffer from this pain. She is happy to be able to walk and move freely without suffering from the prior pain of her neuropathy. In her online review she says, ”It is working wonderfully for me and the pain in my toes is hardly noticeable now.”

Money Back Guarantee

While there are many supplement companies that offer a money back guarantee on their products, The Neuropathy Treatment Group takes it one step further, by offering an impressive one-year money back guarantee. This means that they will stand behind orders for a year, as they are so confident that their product will help reduce the neuropathy pain that their customers experience.

Users must pay shipping and handling charges for the order if they take advantage of the money back guarantee. Also, this guarantee is only offered on the most recent order, so users who buy multiple orders throughout the year will not be able to have their money back on all of them, just the most recent order.

Final Conclusion

This is a wonderful supplement for anyone suffering from neuropathy to take, as it is packed with high-quality ingredients that have been shown to reduce muscle pain and weakness associated with neuropathy. No matter the reason for a person’s nerve issues, they do not have to continue to live with the pain when there is a great option to help.

Promoting the health of the nervous system helps to improve overall health throughout the rest of the body. Nerve Renew, thanks to its incredible ingredients and the research that goes into the product, is a great option to try. Any neuropathy sufferers who are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional medical treatments will want to consider this supplement.

Where to Buy

Buying Nerve Renew directly from The Neuropathy Treatment Group ensures that the company can easily resolve problems with the order. While it is available on Amazon, only the single bottle is listed at a lower price. Buying the three-month supply directly from The Neuropathy Treatment group is the best option.

The Neuropathy Treatment Group offers a free two-week trial bottle to customers who pay S&H. This contains 30 capsules, as users must take two a day. After this trial, users will receive a 30-day supply for the discounted price of just $49 a month, making the daily cost of this supplement just $1.63.

A one-month supply rushed from the company contains 60 capsules and costs $69 plus S&H, making the daily cost $2.30. The best option for neuropathy sufferers who are ready to get their pain under control is the three-month supply at just $147 for 180 capsules, which makes the daily cost of two capsules just $1.63. Customers pay S&H for this shipment.